BJBestAuthorPhotoAssistant Professor B.J. Best teaches poetry and fiction writing.  He’s the author of three books of poetry:  But Our Princess Is in Another Castle, Birds of Wisconsin, and State SonnetsI got off the train at Ash Lake, a novella in verse set in Wisconsin’s lake country in the early twentieth century, is forthcoming in 2014.  He is also the author of several poetry chapbooks, most recently Drag:  Twenty Short Poems about Smoking, and has published widely in literary magazines.  Students discuss the fundamentals of good creative writing in Professor Best’s classes, and are encouraged to explore and expand their own writing through a variety of craft-based exercises.

Assistant Professor Tim Galow teaches cultural and media studies, rhetoric, and professional writing. He’s the author of two scholarly studies, Writing Celebrity and Dave Eggers and the Contemporary Culture of Celebrity. He also publishes widely on writing and the literary field, film and contemporary media culture, and the contemporary state of writing education. In Professor Galow’s classes, students learn to adapt their writing for different genres and styles, and they also learn to critically assess the forms and contexts in which they work.


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