Where We Write

Where do you find your spark of creativity? In what place do you feel most comfortable, open and successful? This article brings to light the importance of place for writers and why it is important for each writer to find his/her place.

Robert Creeley said “the necessary environment is that which secures the artist in the way that lets him be in the world in a most fruitful manner.” In other words, writers should look to find a place that will allow them to access their creativity, a place that will most successfully bring their writing to life. Ernest Hemingway preferred to write standing up while Jane Austen found success among her family life. Toni Morrison found success in a motel room, and Robert Frost could use the sole of his shoe as a tabletop.

It’s not all about finding physical location, though; time and space also play into the matter. Many writers begin writing before the sun comes up. Poet Tom Sleigh likes to write while on trains because for him that is “meditative, calming and interesting for the way the scenery keeps flashing by.”

How does this work for college students? We must find the place that suits our lifestyle.

Check out the spaces near you.

For the writers seeking silence and solitude on campus:

  • Dorm room
  • Empty classrooms around campus (check out Main’s top floor!)
  • Unoccupied practice rooms in Shattuck Hall
  • The Reading Room in the Todd Wehr Library

For the writers seeking a place with some background noise:

  • The lounge areas in the dorms
  • Any of the dining areas
  • Second Cup
  • The Learning Commons in the basement of the library
  • Any of the computer labs on campus

For all you writers who can write anywhere and at any time, more power to you! Keep doing your thing.

When and where do you write best? Comment below.


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