Meet Taylor Belmer: Student Blogger

Hello everyone! My name is Taylor Belmer.

I secured a highly selective, paid internship position with a major retailer for summer 2014. I will be working in the e-Commerce division for a major retailer as the Web Writing Intern.

The process for finding an internship does not happen overnight. For me, this process took about three months from my initial contact to the day they hired me.

My parents helped guide me to this internship opportunity. When you have a resource to help you out, use it! Though I had help with initial contact, the rest was done on my part. I maintained contact with a rep overseeing my division almost daily to make sure I was always up to speed. The goal is to keep your name fresh in their brains. I did not limit myself to only apply at this major retailer. Like anything else, a back-up plan never hurts.

When I was accepted for interviewing, I studied the website and offered brands. That gathered information, skills from previous jobs, and talking to people who currently work at the major retailer all contributed to interview success. Two phone interviews happened before I was invited to have a face-to-face interview. I then met with four current writers and executives in the e-Commerce division.

As a Web Writing Intern, I get the opportunity to assist the merchandise writing team in coordinating and developing content for a variety of online message vehicles. Some of my responsibilities will include:

• Manage relationships with the buying groups
• Oversee the sample turn-in process for each catalog
• Complete competitive and vendor research
• Develop copy concepts and write copy

I highly suggest having some internship experience. Go out there and find what is right for you. Happy internship hunting!


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    I recently was asked to become one of the student bloggers for the writing program at Carroll University, where I am going for an English Major/Writing and Fine Arts minor(s). Here is my little blurb.

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