Words That Inspire Us

What I love about going to readings is that they always remind me that there’s so much great writing in the world, and it’s so easy to find.  So I though that this might be a great place for us  to share the  writing that we admire.  One of my favorite writers is American novelist and essayist James Baldwin.  For years, I had this quote from “Notes of a Native Son” taped to the wall over my desk:

It began to seem that one would have to hold in the mind forever two ideas which seemed to be in opposition.  The first idea was acceptance, the acceptance, totally without rancor, of life as it is, and men as they are: in the light of this idea, it goes without saying that injustice is a commonplace.  But this did not mean that one could be complacent, for the second idea was of equal power: that one must never, in one’s own life, accept these injustices as commonplace but might fight them with all one’s strength.

Who are the authors who’ve inspired you?  Click on the comments link above and add a quote from an author whom you admire.


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